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Naturally Purposed Solutions is a full service professional and administrative services consulting firm. Our primary focus, is to provide education, training and curriculum design in Career, Clarity, & Confidence. With a focus on military community and underserved populations via Life Coaching & Speaking Engagements. Our unique process focuses on transformational life-coaching, exit transition coaching, and entrepreneurial coaching. 


Determine which path fits your needs and let's get started today on your path to reset, refresh, and renew! Hire Coach A' Marie Today!


Everyone deserves to live life

on their own terms!



-Coach A' Marie

Mindset Shift Coach

Life Coaching & Career Clarity


Meet Coach Ashlee Marie 

Speaker. Trainer. Community Leader 

Coach Ashlee Marie is a Certified Christian Life Coach committed to inspiring individuals to reach their fullest potential in life and their chosen career paths.  Are you looking for an amazing coach and accountability partner in your success for your company? 


Look no further, Coach A' Marie is the top candidate to speak, teach, and train!


Whether virtual or in-person, our instructor-led services focus on professionally delivering content for you and/or your company.


 Career Transition Coaching

Ready to Finally Take A Leap of Faith & Start Your Business?


As the founder of A' Marie University, I look forward to helping you make your dream come true before this year ends.

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Life Coaching

Ready to Redesign Your Life? Need to improve your relationships and day-to-day life?


Before this year ends, let's work together and  clarify your goals, identify the root of what's holding you back, & create a strategy for success! 

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Career Empowerment Coaching

Ready to revamp your resume, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and improve your chances of breaking free from the 9-5 Rat Race?

Now is the best time to create new career goals, identify your transferrable skillset, &  chart a new course for your life on your own terms! 


20+ years of


Ready to Live Your Best Life 

Are you waiting for permission to live your best life now? 

Search no further, Coach A’ Marie is the perfect Empowerment Coach that will guide you every step of the way!

Fill out the Contact Us Form and our team will reach out via email to schedule a complimentary intake & identify which product or service best fits your needs.

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