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You were meant for

  •  Build Generational Wealth

  • Travel

  •  Do Community Work

  • Empower Others

  • Spend More Time With Your family or even just yourself

Holiday Destination

You were meant for

More than just your 9-5 job

A 12-month group coaching and mastermind program for faith-centered entrepreneurial women who want to build a profitable, sustainable business.


 Program Is For you

  • You are still in a 9-5 job, and you have a side business that you want to convert into your full-time business. You know, with the right mentorship and coaching, you can reach your goals much sooner.

  • You have an online business, but your growth has been slow or stagnant and you want to take your business to the next level.

  • You want more freedom in your life, and you want to create a business that doesn’t require you to hustle, burn out or become overwhelmed.

  • You want to live an abundant life and business, with consistent cashflow and freedom to live life on your own terms. 

  •  Build Generational Wealth

  • Travel

  •  Do Community Work

  • Empower Others

  • Spend More Time With Your family or even just yourself

This course is different because you are encouraged to look closely at your personal finances evaluate how you will replace your income from your job and how much I need to generate for my
business to take care of the household and still run the business.

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This group coaching container is designed to help you create steady, consistent, and long-term business growth to truly live a purpose-filled life.

This group coaching container is designed to help you create steady,consistent and long-term business growth so you can truly live a purpose filled life.

Inside the Called and Connected mastermind, you’ll receive a customized plan of action based on where you are now and where you want to go. Then you’ll get monthly coaching to keep you on track.


No more second-guessing yourself or your decision-making. You’ll be supported by Ashlee and be surrounded by other like-minded women. We’ll help you notice the trends, patterns, and pitfalls that so many business owners fall into, especially mindset issues. We’ll show you how to keep your mindset in the right direction for consistent growth.


No more trying to do all the things and getting nowhere. We’ll help you step into your role as the visionary CEO, and show you how and when to delegate so that it becomes even easier to grow your business.


Meet Coach A'Marie

Amerie is a business strategist and women’s empowerment coach whose mission is to uplift, transform and inspire women business owners to bet on themselves unapologetically and build a life and business they love!


She is an author and global speaker who has traveled and given lectures throughout the US, UK, India, and Canada. Her online coaching and training programs equip women with the strategies and resources they need to build generational wealth while making an impact on the world.  

After taking the course, I have a better understanding of what’s required to exit Corporate America, with a stable stream of income, and become the boss I desire and make all of the

What you’ll get in the program

 Group Coaching 

Monthly group coaching calls with Ashlee and the other women in the mastermind.

A curriculum

A curriculum that has all the strategies, tools, and templates you need to scale your business.


Facebook support group where you can ask questions and get advice in between calls.



We’ll give you the exact strategies you need to start, grow and scale your business to 6 figures and being. We’ll cover sales, marketing, position, attracting the right clients for your business and more. These are the foundational principles that have helped so many of our students grow their businesses and create consistent cashflow with dream clients.



You’ll get monthly mindset coaching to help you stay focused on achieving your goals. A woman who can master her mindset, is a woman who can do anything. Like leave her day job, have 5 figure months and beyond, get featured in media publications and build a sought after personal brand. Our monthly mindset coaching sessions will give you the support you need in a container of other inspiring women who motivate each other.



When you join the Called and Connected mastermind, you are joining a tight-knit community of ladies who are upleveling their business and life along side each other. Together you will stretch past your limits and say “good bye” to doing it the hard way.



Transformation You get Inside this course..

  • Get an entire library of CEO training for everything from setting up your business structure the right way, mindset, marketing, hiring, branding, and positioning.

  • Surround yourself with other women who get it, so that you never have to feel alone in your business again.

  • Get absolute clarity on the best business model for you and how to create it, so that you can create a long term, sustainable business and create generational wealth. 

Three Women

Your course impacted my life by giving me the confidence I needed to provide the services I offered. Through general conversation, you would graciously share your thoughts and point out what I was good at and what  I can improve on, opportunities I may have missed, and joined forces with me to allow me to gain much-needed experience.

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