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A' Marie University - Waitlist Application

Join Coach A' Marie & other aspiring entrepreneurs on a journey to 

Break the boundaries/confines of the 9-5 🕔 &

Hold you accountable every step of the way before making the EPIC EXIT!

Inside A' Marie University, we identify the TOP 3 areas 

you need to consider before QUITTING CORPORATE. 

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Meet Coach A' Marie 

Like you, I faced a challenging work environment,

stringent demands from the job.

I was so frustrated about the never-ending schedule changes, pointless meetings, and unrealistic, non-stop, requirements of being a stellar employee with no annual bonuses for collecting over $100K per month.

The 1.5 hour commute drained me each day

and each night I arrived home to my family exhausted,

lethargic, and dreading the horrid,"

Monday Morning" return to work routine. 

One day, I attended a conference and one question

changed my entire life,

"Can you really afford to 

quit your job?" 

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Join The Waitlist

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